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Below are my most popular posts on different topics to help you navigate your way through this site (and freelance writing)


new to freelancing?

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earn more money as a freelancer

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travel writing

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feature writing for magazines and newspapers

Get writing work without pitching: how to get editors to come to you with commissions

Following up with editors – a guide

Where to find the best story ideas for articles

Landing a column - what it takes

Anatomy of a feature article 



Just a quick word - I am affiliates for the programs and services below, but that's because I have used them for years (without being an affiliate) and love what they offer. 

I never used to get my interviews transcribed, but I started using Rev and have never looked back. It's $1 (USD) for one audio minute and the turn around is super quick and the quality is fantastic. If you are a new customer and use this link, you'll get $10 off your first order. 

 I am a huge fan of formalised learning and being taught the right way to do things. When I first explored doing a bit of freelance writing, I wanted all the information right in front of me, in one place and at one time. 

I found the Australian Writers Centre and promptly enrolled in their Writing for Magazines and Newspapers course and as I’ve said before, it changed my life. 

Within weeks of completing the course I had my first commission and six years after doing the short online course, am a full time freelance writer.