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From marketing manager to executive editor - meet Michelle Pini

With my background in social work, it probably won’t surprise you to know that I really admire publications and editors who strive to cover human rights, social justice and environmental issues. Michelle Pini is the executive editor of Independent Australia (IA), an online publication that champions investigative journalism and promotes a diversity of voices. On a personal level, Michelle is generous, funny and open, and professionally she is an incisive, supportive and meticulous editor. I love that IA mentors new writers, so let’s meet Michelle.

How to become an Intrepid Travel freelancer - meet editor Bex Shapiro

When I “met” Bex Shapiro, the Managing Editor for Intrepid Travel on Twitter a little while back, I immediately got the sense that she’s an editor writers love - she was responsive, generous, funny and thoughtful. I love this Q&A with Bex because not only do you get an insight into pitching and writing for a travel company that is one of the most ethical in the business, but also how passionate, committed and talented Bex is in supporting freelance writers and bringing their unique travel stories to light.

Meet Nikki Vargas - co-founder and editor-in-chief of Unearth Women

When I first heard about Unearth Women, a feminist travel magazine (in fact the first feminist travel publication), I loved the idea and wanted to know more about its co-founder and editor-in-chief, Nikki Vargas. As a travel editor and freelance journalist Nikki was perfectly positioned to see and act upon a gap in the market for a travel publication for women and by women. She said something that struck me as incredibly wise and pertinent for all freelance writers: "It’s not enough to have a fabulous idea, you need to have the means to set it in motion."